I need some old school Hip Hop Beats


CHECK OUT MY TRACKS ALSO peep (( HYDRO SMOKIN BEATS )) on youtube i got more than 100 beats to chose from hit me up if interested



This one is on the house. Just shout me out in the creds(Mr. Magnyphacent) . and link up on social media

Official Addictive Soundz Digital





www.blokbeats.com get at me and let me know what you need


Hey @TechM7! Looks like you posted this a few weeks ago, but I just wanted to know that if you still haven’t found that exact track or two yet, I have a lot of old school beats. I’m an old school hip-hop head so it only makes sense. lol. Let me know if you dig some of them, as well as if you need something custom. I can do that.



Not really. My problem isn’t that I haven’t found a couple I like it’s that I don’t have how much they ask for.


YO! Check out a tune called Vertical on my player for you www.aotabeats.com


Please check here: https://r-loops.com/category/sample-packs/dj-premier
Beats are inspired by Dj premier and Pete Rock

Please check also https://slooply.com there you can download oldschool hip-hop single loops & sounds

I hope this helps you out


I got em hedzhigh.com