I need some tips and advice


I just uploaded a track and went with the gold package. I have been producing for a while and I need some tips on how I am able to get customers to check and buy my beats. I just got mailchimp as well to help with emails subscribers. Also I don’t see my beat pop up in the search engine. Can you all please help me?


how is your social media accounts doin??


I don’t understand your question as far as how are my social media accounts(Twitter,Facebook, and Instagram) are doin? I have a twitter account I need to try and look into getting a seperate twitter and facebook account strictly for my production. I hope I understood your question correctly…apologies if I’m not answering your question correctly.


Good Job getting an email list started. That is going to be crucial. Also, do you only have 1 track uploaded? I recommend consistently uploading new music, AT LEAST one new track per week to stay relevant. Definately don’t underestimate the power of the email list. Promote that wherever you can and start getting as many emails as possible. Be sure to offer your subscribers helpful information. Be sure to use facebook, twitter, youtube and other sites and just be everywhere! You can find more advice on my website www.djshandsbeats.com i really hope this helps!


sorry for long time to reply… if you do not have separated social media pages think about that or just convert yours into your business! you want to have a strategy when you post new beats and use your social accounts to drive traffic. Make sure your socials have your correct links to your new beat and also get your bios on point!!!