Idea For New AutoTag Feature


Since you guys have already implemented the autotag feature; which has saved me tremendous amounts of time and work, i was thinking how great it would be to implement an similar feature.

Automatically adding only 1 tag to an lease or exclusive purchase.

Giving the producer the option to lease fully tagged (free download) untagged or with only 1 tag at the beginning of an particular lease or exclusive purchase.

I know a lot of producer like to add an tag at the beginning of every beat to help build there brand but currently when you upload the untagged WAV you only have the option of either a fully tagged WAV and MP3 or an fully untagged WAV or MP3

This forces us to either rely on the customer to abide by the contract terms and credit us themselves either verbally or written. Which they are not likely to do in every instance.


Manually upload an additional version with the tag already placed on the beat and hope it doesn’t mash with the tagged version created by your system.

Also i can see the single tag being an issue when customers would be willing the buy the exclusive just for the completely untagged version but the tag was uploaded to every version leaving us to manually send the customer the beat.

In another case, i know a producer signed to mike will-made it’s Ear drummer production team and when they sale a beat its about $500 exclusive without the tag and about $10,000 exclusive WITH the Ear Drummer and Mike Will Made It tag. Same exact beat.

Meaning the value is in the tag itself. The Brand. Kinda like putting a nike check on a shoe that cost $7 to make. Would go from a $20 no name shoe to a $120 nike branded shoe.

Hope i got the value in this feature across. I know you guys at airbit can help us out.

Thanks for everything you have done so far.

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Hey @A100DRUMZ, thanks for you suggestion. You’ll have to correct me if I’ve misunderstood, but I think most of what you’re suggesting can be done already:

For using Autotag to add only 1 tag, as opposed to tagging throughout, you can ensure the tag you upload in Dash > Settings > Voicetag has lots of silence after it. That way it will only be heard once. e.g. if you upload a file where the tag plays after 10 seconds, then has 5 minutes of silence, you can then use this to Autotag your beats and it will only be heard once every 5 minutes which is longer than the majority of beats.

And producers can upload the WAV & MP3 with an intro tag if they wish, so if you want the customer to receive a beat with an intro tag, just make sure this is uploaded and it will be delivered as normal. Many producers are currently selling beats with an intro tag via their Airbit store.

And you can manually replace a tagged beat without any clashing. If you’ve already used Autotag, any beat you upload in Beats > Upload > Tagged will automatically replace that tagged version with the one you upload. And vice versa, if you decide you want to use Autotag instead, simply run it and it will replace any current tagged version you have.

You can mix it up however you choose - e.g. upload the MP3 with an intro tag, upload the WAV with no tags, and also provide trackouts. And you can choose to use Autotag or not, so it really is up to you how you present/sell your beats.

Again, let me know if I’ve misunderstood anything or not answered your query accurately


thanks for your reply. Although you are correct, i must say you misunderstood the point of what i was suggesting.

Im very aware that there are workarounds to uploading a beat with a intro tag on them. Like you said uploading several versions of the beat… with the intro tag, untagged, etc.

I was simply suggested to make it COMPLETELY AUTOMATED. Like the current autotag just with additional options.

Having to only upload ONE single version of the untagged WAV beat and having the system give you the OPTIONS of adding an intro tag to the MP3 lease but not the WAV and Exclusive. OR not the MP3 and WAV but only the exclusive, etc.

Again, this was merely a suggestion lol. Just want to try and help make things easier for the producers here at airbit anyway possible.

Thank you for taking the time to review it.