"Improvement" Suggestions


First of, great updates with the new Airbit look. It’s a huge step up to the previous myflashstore mos definitely. I still have a couple of suggestions that I would like to see on Airbit, and having talked to other producer friends of mine, I know they would too.

  1. PayPal Monthly Payments - I understand why you have made it available to only pay with PayPal for longer subscriptions, but I myself (like some friends) don’t send the money we get from PayPal to our bank account. It takes more than 1 business day to have the money; they take transfer fees; it becomes easier to just leave the money on there. There’s few reasons, but having both PayPal and Bank Account as options, might be best in my opinion;

  2. Producer Teams - I’m part of a producer team, and when coming up with a beatstore we depare ourselves with one main issue: a PayPal account. It’s hard to create a business account for the team, and we never know who should take the responsability of adding their own PayPal (especially because we all, already have ours associated with a beatstore). Possibly making a “Team” type of account, where it’s possible to add more than 1 PayPal? The juggle on this one is probably more difficult, but “Producer Team” features like that would be great.

  3. Free Drumkits - Lot’s of people release their drumkits / soundpacks for free (me for example). However, there doesn’t seem to be an option to make it so on Airbit. Possibly open that feature, even if wih a hosting of the files on a different platform, if that were the issue. Plus making a “Follow to Download” feature, like we have on free beats. I’m using the Toneden platform for this, but I’d rather use Airbit, to be honest.

  4. File Uploads - I personally don’t have an issue with this, though I do understand it. A friend of mine has yet to made the switch to Airbit simply because he doesn’t like how he needs to jump from page to page to upload each Tagged MP3, Trackouts and WAV files. Why is not a one page to upload it all, an option?

This is my list for now. I might think of something along the way, but I appreciate you taking the time to consider these ideas. And keep up the great work. These updates definitely gave a fresh clean look to what used to be myFlashStore.


Hey @ThePlanBeats, thanks for the suggestions, there are some good ideas in there

We got rid of Paypal monthly payments for a couple of reasons: They are too long winded to manage when it comes to upgrading/downgrading (everything must be done manually through support), and with card subscriptions you can do everything instantly from your Dashboard. Also, Paypal will cancel a subscription if there are any changes to the account, or there’s not enough money to cover a payment, which results in lots of people’s accounts getting automatically downgraded by mistake

What you say about teams makes sense, we know there are many producer teams out there. Whilst we don’t have anything in place currently to support this, you could use the co-producer feature to automatically split payments so you can just make one mass payment and everyone gets their share. You’re probably aware of this, but just in case, here’s the guide: How Do I Set Up Co-Producers?

Free Sound kits is certainly something we can implement in the future, as well as the follow/subscribe to download feature

And your idea about making the upload process more seamless makes total sense - this is again something we could change in the future

Thanks again for your feedback, feel free to leave more if you come up with anything!


Hey there!

I appreciate the quick reply and attention given to the thread. Means a lot that you are that on top of your customers suggestions, and I’m glad to see that most of the suggestions I gave are good for future prospects.

I just have one follow up question, regarding the “producer team / co-producers”: if I have an Airbit account (like I do), and having my PayPal account associated or even bank account, can I associate the same payment info to a second Airbit account, or should we have different ones?

Once again, I appreciate the attention, and good afternoon!


Hey, sorry for the delay - you can certainly use the same Paypal/Stripe account for two different accounts!