Infinity page - add videos or testimonials

hello i love your new infinity page but it lacks the option for the producer to add videos to their site…part of selling beats is to show the artists that other rappers are using your beats…and a page where we can add credits and testimonials…i hope this can be added in the future…cuz its very important for both artist and producer :space_invader::space_invader::space_invader:

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Thanks for your feedback. Adding video is something we’ve considered, but there are no definite plans for it at the moment. This has also been discussed here.

A testimonials page is a great idea :+1:

For now, you can upload, display + sell songs, so this is one way in which you can showcase finished products in your store.

I use the songs feature and named the tab production credits on my website Its a great work around in my opinion.

The Testimonials page or even a little section for the front Discover page would be great. It was also be nice to see maybe the ability to add songs from Spotify to play clips of, to show finished songs we’ve produced that have been distributed digtally! Putting Twiztid, Hopsin, Lil Wyte, The Flatlinerz, and many other names I’ve had on my beats I’m sure would help invoke some interest among new eyes hitting the page!

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can we also have a blog option…to get seo to our beats ???

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We definitely need a blog option