Infinity Store Customization Ideas



  • Ability to custom select which beats appear in the Discover section or how they are chosen (most played, most recent, most sold, etc.).

  • Ability to select how the Popular section is organized (most played, most sold, top grossing, etc)

  • Ability to choose which sections are visible on the homepage (ie, No Discover section, No Kits section)


Hi @A100DRUMZ thanks for your feedback. Although you can’t select an automatic listing for the discover page (most played, etc.) you can manually choose which beats are displayed in your page settings.

And you are free to choose which sections are displayed:- by dragging the pages into your chosen order you can choose which page is displayed as your landing page, then customise that page’s display. You can also delete pages that you don’t want.

Please have a read through this guide for more info on using pages:


@EllisHouslin This was very very helpful. thanks again for all the help and timely responses!