Infinity Store (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, Custom Domains.)


Hi there- have few questions with infinity store. Loving the layout, but seeing some critical issues with the new store.

  1. How can we add google analytics and facebook pixels for running ads to infinity store-
  2. Is there a way we can directly link custom domain with store, instead of redirecting (forwarding) the domain to the store address. Currently forwarding it.

I need help with these two- these are very important part of running the store as an online business. These are features that Beatstars have- and I like the Infinity store layout, but it would be a critical issue if Airbit doesn’t have these features and if not I hope the dev team makes these two features available asap.


Hi @cashrolliebeats.

GA can be added following the steps in this guide: For the Infinity Store please skip to step 2, and ignore step 5.

As this is not embedded, you don’t need to add code to your site, you only need to add the GA details to your Airbit dashboard and data will be collected.

The same goes for the FB Pixel, a guide for which you can find here: Again, you only need to add the tracking ID to your Dashboard.

We are currently updating how GA works with the Infinity store so you may see some discrepancies in data, but this will be resolved soon once we apply the update.

Custom domains/URLs aren’t currently possible, but will be introduced soon


Hi- question about adding a tracking code to the infinity store. How do we add html code to the infinity store? Or access an html?

Thank you.


You don’t need to add tracking code - you just need to add your GA details to your Airbit dashboard for data to be collected with the Infinity Store. If you follow the steps in my previous post this will get you set up correctly


It looks like the facebook pixel is becoming a neccesity for eccommerce -