Infinity Store Issues


Not sure why but my Infinity store on my Android still pulls up the Desktop version of the store but i noted at the Apple store that it does pull up the mobile version on iPads using the same forwarded domain A100DRUMZ.COM .

Also if i visit the direct address it seems to work.

Also some ppl have told me they cant access the infinity store at all from there devices.

I am using a GoDaddy domain and forwarding the domain to the infinity store address (without masking).

the forwarded domain website address is A100DRUMZ.COM

the infinity store direct link is here:

See if anyone else is getting issues using the different links via different devices.

I tried to access the Infinity store from my PS4 and it would not even load the page but did load the airbit page but would not load any songs at all.


Hi @A100DRUMZ when visiting your URL (A100DRUMZ.COM), the page redirects to your Infinity Store, but the URL does not change to your Infinity Store URL, which suggests domain masking is in place. If you change this to regular domain forwarding (which will also change the URL after being redirected), your store should display the mobile version.

Can you please make this change and let us know the outcome?


@EllisHouslin ok so it seems that it was still being masked so thanks for helping me look back into that.

My only other question is:

How do you get a ‘Retail Collection’ to appear as an option when creating a Beat page in the Infinity Store?

I feel like i have taken every step. Read the tutorial Here On creating a collection and placing it in Infinity store.

Yet i can only get my Beat Playlist to appear as an option.

Please Help