Infinity Store!


First off, Airbit thank you… First improvement I’ve seen in a while that has made me excited. I was honestly a few weeks away (January 2k19 of leaving for BeatStars) but this Infinity Player, is a huge game changer for us, and allows us to compete a little more, especially presentation wise. No more blogger/wordpress blog layouts… I’ve already forwarded my domain directly to the inifity player. Once again thank you.

With that being said, I do want to suggest 1 improvement. Can there be a widget in the pages section where we can add html… For example a Youtube video, or social media links, or pictures, etc… I think this is the only thing lacking from the infinity store…

Thank you and I cant wait for more updates…


Hi @itskotic, great to hear you decided to stick with us and are enjoying the new Infinity Store! And thanks for your suggestion - this isn’t something we’re currently considering but is a great idea and perhaps something we can look at in the future.

Thanks again!


Completely agree! The marketing emails you guys send to our inboxes is all about us using our social media platforms to market our beats… not having the ability to link to our social media platforms is a real deal killer. Would be great to see you guys add this.


I personally believe you would only be adding distractions for your customers with this request. The idea of social media is to create funnels to your website. You’re requesting to do the opposite. By adding youtube videos, instagram photos, etc. you’re giving them a funnel out from your webpage.

Use your social media platforms to create leads. The free DL feature is great for people you don’t convert into buyers at the end of your funnel (your website). You want people who go to your website to do one thing…listen to your beats. No one is going to your website on their own. You get them there through your social media, or advertising. If they already went through that process, there is no need to continue bombarding them with more social media when they finally decided “hey, I want to check out your music.”

I’m sure there will be plenty who disagree with me on this, but if you pay attention to the top sellers on Airbit, they typically have a website that is dedicated to their player and/or sound kits. Are there some exceptions? Of course. But I’ve personally have been keeping track of this ever since they were MyFlashStore…not much has changed in terms of what kinds of websites out perform others when it comes to selling beats. Giving them more social media when they just came from your social media platform is redundant and just leads to people having more options to not buy your product.

At the same time, I understand if Airbit wants to give you this option, because I’m sure a lot of you are going to request it. But you can look at other beat store pages that offer this and you’ll see the same thing I just said. Even though it’s an available option, most of the top sellers are sticking to just having their beats/sound kits available with the option to convert non buyers to social followers. Not a bunch of photos, videos, etc.

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