Introducing Autotag


Hi @kamrcole, you can remove the tagged versions by selecting all your beats using the checkbox in Beats > My Beats. Then, from the tabs above select Delete > Delete Tagged. Please ensure you only delete the tagged versions, as beats cannot be recovered once they’re deleted

We do not recommend removing the tagged versions as this leaves your beats unprotected. If the tag is played too frequently we recommend modifying the tag in your DAW so it plays less often. You can add as much silence as you like before/after the tag, then upload it in Dash > Settings > Voicetag and run the Autotag


I have a gold membership and it is not allowing me to upload tagged beats, the only option available is “new”. ALSO when i tried to give in and use the autotage feature it is telling me the file size is too large even though its simply the tag and 25 seconds of silence AND it wont even tell me what the accepted file size is. this is ridiculous, i’ve been trying to upload beats for hours and imthis close to saying fuck airbit because this shit should not be this complicated and glitchy.


Hi @WildlifeBeats, sorry to hear you had issues with your voicetag, and for the delay in getting back to you. I’m glad to see that it is now uploaded and functioning correctly. Please let us know if any other issues come up


How do you turn this off? I deleted the clip and it still plays repeatedly one my player and is rather annoying.


New to AirBit and confused. I can’t remove the autotag at all, and there is absolutely zero option for me to upload any other type of audio aside from “New”.


@KcBeatzDotCom @MynDuke the tagged beat can be deleted in Beats > My Beats by clicking the checkbox to the left of your beats, then Delete > Delete Tagged from the tabs above. Please ensure you only delete the tagged version as beats cannot be recovered once deleted.

@MynDuke you must upload at least one MP3 in Upload > New, and have a paid account before you see other options. Free members can only upload an MP3 or Wav in ‘New’, whilst Gold/Plat members will see the options; Replace, Tagged & Trackouts after uploading their first beat