IPhone users can't download beats after purchase


Aye! My customer can’t download a beat from the site with his IPhone. When he clicks “mp3” to download the beat there is a big play symbol and no download starts only a beat playing. I tried to download it from my android phone and it worked fine. Finally I sent the beat to his email with attachment. Hope you will fix that. It would be great if you could also send attachment file along with the download link to a customers emails.


iPhone’s can’t download files, it’s just how they’re made. Android can, which is why it worked on yours. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about the download issue, as it’s Apple that don’t allow you to download, not our stores

The issue with ending out emails with attachments is that emails have limits for attachment sizes. So if someone buys 5 wav licenses, that wouldn’t fit as an attachment and the email wouldn’t send. Also, download of attachments cannot be tracked, so you would have no proof of download if they were to open a dispute or chargeback


its definately an apple issue i had someone try to download a free beat tape i sent through file zilla on their iphone same issue i downloaded it to my android no problem


If the iPhone user has a download app it’s possible to download onto the app and then transfer it to there desktop from iTunes. They can even listen to the beat in the apps player. It’s an annoying process but it’s a way to obtain a beat ppurchase with your iPhone. I wish apple would fix this already. I believe they won’t do it because iTunes Store sales will suffer.


If you have an Iphone “MyMedia” Works Perfect Just copy the link from the play screen and download it​:100::handshake:Thank Me later


MyMedia has worked for me also


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I have been facing trouble latelty and due to that when I was going to install itunes on windows 7 it was not installing at all so please help me to fix the problem as I want to use the application.