Is it possible to have a 100% off coupon code?


I see that you can have a coupon code all the way up to 99% off, but how do we create a coupon which essentially gives the customer a free beat?


@1stOfficial unfortunately this isn’t currently possible, but may be introduced in future


Can you also create a way to limit how coupons are used? Such as how many beats a coupon can be applied to, or not being able to use them along with bundle discount deals.


Currently you can set usage limits per customer or per coupon, but these are good ideas you’ve shared, and something we can consider adding in the future



Has this issue been implemented? I need a 100% off coupon for some marketing promos I want to run. What is the alternative if the coupon to 100% hasn’t been changed?



Would love to see a 100% coupon option. Right now, producers on your platform that want to offer a free beat to an individual artist have to email the artist directly. Those types of exchanges don’t introduce said artist to the Airbit platform and nor our back catalog on Airbit. It also limits their chance of being exposed to the rest of the producer community here.

Studies also show that when trying to convert someone from a free client to paying client, it is important that even free work discloses how much the service usually charges, followed by a clearly stated discount on an invoice. It sets the expectation that “the product is worth this much, but you’re being given a deal” verses “this person has free product”.

Much love, you’re doing something really dope with the platform!


Thanks for your feedback @WSOBeats & @sentzbeats, whilst not at the forefront of updates to be implemented, this is still on our to-do list and hope to introduce it in the near future.


Peace! Is there any update on this? Seems like a change that’d would offer a lot of value with a bit of coding.

Much respect


Hi @sentzbeats, this has not yet been implemented but is still in our plans


That’s an good idea! Some of my customers miss to add their free beats before checkout when I run a discount. And this would make it mich easier for me to offer them an comfortable option to choose their free beat/s afterwards.


Peace Ellis!

Just checking to see if there’s any rough timeline on this being implemented. 100% coupons are a core part of the marketing strategy I’d like to implement at the top of the year, so I need to make some hard decisions about what tools to use and would much rather stay here. Absolutely love everything else about the platform so far, and still strongly recommend it to those who don’t need the same feature.

Appreciate your time and energy!


Hi @sentzbeats. Unfortunately still no eta - I would say it’s unlikely it will be implemented by the new year as the tech team will be very busy up until (and after) then.