Is legit?

What do you think guys ? is the website legit ? any experiences?

Great way to spam people to death.

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artists sign up and make their requests to recieve beats from producers.
I think its a good way to get your music heard even by famous artists.

Did anyone try the site?

yeah, it’s some work but people reply if you send beats regularly

@KolicBeatz @dlsbeats If you’ve got any questions we’d be happy to answer them :slight_smile:

Thanks @tunychris!

Why do you say that?

I have tried it, but so far no responses yet. Check out Music Xray and under song submit as well.

You’ll only know if you try them lol good luck with your musical journey.


I currently use it and I got in touch with a few artist.

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How are you getting on now, Paulstar?

That’s great to hear!

@SendBeatsTo What do you offer precisely ? I have never heard of you…

Maybe I’d have something your interested in.
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Hey @FreeAgentsProduction,

Our main focus is tracking your beats so you know who has them and if the artist has accessed, downloaded, listened to, liked/disliked your beats.

We also offer exclusive/non exclusive contact generators, list placement opportunities, and plan to work on other apps to make things easier for producers and artists to send beats/tracks as we grow.

Check out the homepage for more information:


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I just try this website. I signed up for one month ($9) and already send about 85 beats to 39 different artists. 23 of them read the notification mail within 24 hours. So far so good. But not even one artists downloaded, listen or liked / disliked one of my beats. That’s not a good statistic as I think. And I think my beats aren’t bad. But how could they now it if the artists don’t even download or play my beats?! I will keep trying it this month but I have the feeling that it’s just not working very well.

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Hey InsaneBeatz,

Thanks for trying us out and for your questions.

I’m glad that you’re getting the email read notifications within 24 hours of sending your beats.

We can always track beat downloads, listens, likes/dislikes when the artist logs into their account and when the email size exceeds 18MB. We can also track them when you create a Private Link and send that.

The reason for the lack of download, listen, like/dislike notifications is that we can’t track them on attachments. We’re working on ways around this. The most obvious way is giving producers an option of how to send the beats and listing what notifications you can get from each method.

Let me know if you’ve got any other questions.

Best wishes,

This service din’t work for me. I got no new connection to artists, any message or sale from this service. I canceled my subscription after 1 month. Sorry.

Hey InsaneBeatz,

That can sometimes be the case with any service. Quite recently Mayor got onto The Underachievers Renaissance album, by sending the beat for “In My Zone” through us.

Thank you for trying the service out. Did you follow up with any artists that you got notifications from?

Best wishes,

So one guy sent a beat to a nobody and got the job? Sounds like it’s not legit. Is there more quantifiable data with A-List artist selection or placement? One data point does not sound enticing in such a fragmented market.

How do you use segmentation and positioning to target artists and match clients? How can you utilize the names of big artists to support your brand and customers. Until you can provide this data I will be using my own networking skills to connect to artists.