Issues with copyright & Leasing



I got some questions about copyrights and leasing.

I started selling beats not so long ago, but i got asked a question from a customer that i really need some help getting answered.

He wants to buy exclusive rights to this beat, but the beat has been leased out before.
He acually found the beat two places, one at itunes for streaming and one youtube video.
His consern is if he buys the beat, how will it be with copyrights if he is uploading to youtube etc?

There would be no problem if he is making a new track and it will be treated as such from youtube/itunes.
But im not so sure if it does? or will it interfere with the other video that are using my beat?

He also asked what will happend to the other songs that are leased if he is buying the exclusive rights.
And i told him that they still have their rights they agreed too when purchased a license.
But i can also understand his conserns, if he`s buying exclusive rights and will a problem with uploading it etc.

Really hope someone can help me out on this topic.

Thank you


There will only be a problem if the other videos have some form of content id and he would just send youtube a copy of his contract giving him exclusive rights to the beat