Its time for producers to come clean about their youtube views


i heard that the top producers on youtube are buying their views even though they have over 50-100,000 subscribers…if youtube thinks this is ok for them to buy views then it should be ok to know what company is selling views so we can get attention for our beat videos also…so anyone know whats a god company to buy views on youtube that will bring attention to our beats thats creditable ??? these top producers are not playing fair so we shouldnt either…P.S. i bought a course where a top producer is sheding light on how these other producers are buying fake views…thats how i know


I know this is a late reply but the one I use and found cheapest is


how has it worked out for you and whats your youtube channel ???


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gsarcade, there are several reasons why producers buy views and subscribers. Firstly, people like to watch videos which have many views. It’s a kind of psychological effect, people like all popular and producers know it. Secondly, sometimes the activity of the channel doesn’t increase for a long time and organic methods of promotion can’t deal with it. In this case, the bought views or likes can generate fake activity and attract the attention of new subscribers, which in turn generate real activity of the channel. Finally, I think this is just cool to have a lot of views, likes, and subscribers. They are indicators of the quality of your videos. Of course, buying views is not a quite honest business, but producers at the same time are businessmen, so they use a wide range of methods to popularize their product.
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Hope, my answer helped you to find out why even producers buy likes and views.