Keep autoplay on or off for better conversions?


Do you think it’s better to have autoplay on the Airbit player turned on or off for better conversions?
I know autoplay doesn’t work on mobile at all (which is most of the traffic) and most desktop browsers nowadays don’t support autoplay in most cases either.

Also a big disadvantage is that with the Airbit player if autoplay is enabled and the browser doesn’t support it (both on desktop and mobile), the player’s button starts at the paused position (shows the ‘Pause’ icon on first load) and you have to press (click or tap) Pause and then Play again in order for the beat to start playing, which can be confusing to the visitor who may think that the player isn’t working at all and leave the site.

Is there a way for the Airbit team to fix this and make it so that the player’s button shows the ‘Play’ icon first and that only one click/tap is needed for a beat to start playing (eg when it detects that the browser doesn’t support autoplay) or else i suppose it’s probably better to completely disable autoplay for now?
@EllisHouslin @SLAM_92


Hi @terryvibes

The store Autoplays because the user sets it to Autoplay and as the browser does not let the function of Autoplay, it shows that way (the pause button). You may disable Autoplay and the issue will not presist.

We are glad to hear your suggestions, and we thank you for your feedback. We will work on future updates to improve your store.


Ok so do you recommend disabling autoplay for now as most browsers and devices don’t support it anyway?