Looking for a Co-Producer


Looking for a Co-Producer to network with on websites, email lists and social networks…
Here is my website centricbeats.com .

One of my social profiles https://www.facebook.com/groups/InfiniteRapMusic/

About 1000 emails of artists.

if you been in the game for at least a little while and are interested drop a link to your beats.

or email me at centricbeats@gmail.com


Yo CentricBeats, I’m new on beat selling. I’m using the free starter, should I pay to be able to collab? u can check my beats here https://airbit.com/KenyMuch

contact. Kmuch30@gmail.com


I like your beats but you only have 4. So its probably safe for me to assume you dont have your own domain, a following on your social networks or a email list.

I’ve been online since 06 and ill be here until the end. So holla back at me.