Looking to form a producer collective, who's down? $


What’s up guys my name’s Jack and I’ve been producing for awhile now but I’m trying to form a producer collective where we all collaborate, cross promote, share resources and of course, make as much money as we can. We can all bounce ideas off a Facebook group chat, exchange track stems for collabs and add eachother as co-producers for splitting payments.
I have an idea already in mind calling the group “First Class” as I already have a Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube set up for it. I have a pretty dope logo too. Who’s down?? Message me on here, hit me up on IG @jtlbeats, anyway you can get in touch with me. I’m really about making money and leveling up with placements so if you’re just as dedicated as me and have a strong business ethic then let’s make something happen!

My producer name is JackTheLion and I’ve had some tracks land on BET Networks and have sold beats to artists like Yhung T.O & SOBxRBE, check out some of my production if you have a moment!