Looking to start a production team


Sup MFS, I’m a New York based producer, and I’ve been producing for a few years now. I’ve been quite successful here on MFS and I’m even starting to get to work with industry artists. Now I feel like I am ready to start a production crew or co-produce with members of MFS.

Anyone who is interested should email me examples of their work and or questions/inquiries at sales@theharlemkid.com or post here.

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in gaining more experience in the music production business or anyone just getting started.

You can check out my work on my profile page or visit my website http://www.theharlemkid.com

Basically what I want to do is build a team of producers to co-produce with.


  • Hip-Hop/R&B genre only (ex: trap, drill, west coast, east coast, boom bap, sampled, south, etc)
  • Must be a MyFlashStore member (this way we can split profits in the co-produce section)
  • All beats made within the crew are split down the middle (ex. if 2 people worked on a beat, the split is 50% each, if 4 people worked on a beat, the split is 25% per person, etc)

Some of my production credits are: A$AP Nast, Bandman Kevo, Hype Pacino, Vinny Cha$e, Kid Art

Follow me on twitter @TheHarlemKid


Sounds interesting. Check out my profile if my beats fit to your group.


i’m totally down man let’s make this money, check out my shit if you think it has potential. I have a lot of other beats too I haven’t released yet but lemme know


or jackthelion.com


check out if my beats fit with your idea … :wink: :whistle:


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I have formed a duo with JackTheLion, thank you to everyone who was interested in joining, but I have decided to go with a 2 man team.


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