Market Place Suggestions:


Wassup Airbit I’m back with more suggestions. I just spent an hour or so browsing through the front/marketplace page and have come up with ideas that could improve the beat buyer’s experience and potentially increase conversions for producers.

A) There’s too much happening at once. Get rid of of tile format. The beats shown on the front page should be in a ‘beat store’ format since customers are already used to browsing for beats like this. This way, for each section customers can just scroll though the beats and easily play/purchase the ones they like. (without leaving the front page, or clicking “view all”.)

B) Promoted beats section should be in a beat store format so that customers can scroll down and check out the top 20 without leaving the front page. The less times a customer has to leave the front page the better.

I noticed clicking on the “buy now” button only takes you to the beat page. I suggest turning the “BUY NOW” button into an “add to cart” button that automatically opens up in a new window asking the customer if they want to check out right away or continue shopping. To increase conversions, you should add an expiring coupon code in this cart with a timer on it creating a sense of urgency. Producers should be able to modify these coupon codes in our dash board.

For example, “get an additional 15% off this purchase + bulk discounts, 20 minutes remaining till discount ends.”

Another cool feature would be to suggest them to add beats to the cart if the producer has a “buy 1 get _free” deal. This will give the customer maximum value.

C) “Top Beats” should be the 3rd section, after “promoted beats” and “top producers”. This should be in beat store format so customers can scroll and purchase without clicking out of the front page.

D) The other sections are cool, but like I’ve said in ideas A to C they all need to be in beat store format.