Marketing tips/advice


I have been marketing for a good time now
The last 4-5 moneths i have done so much marketing im going crazy…spent a couple money as well. finally got myflashstore Gold account.
still no sales…not much traffic on my website…
people says(u got some dope beats, where are the buyers)
i dunno…anyways! the point is, i need ome tips , what can i doo?
(to get sales)

I appreciate feedback on my beats check them out, give me some feeback and i will
listen to your beats and give you feeback.
Peace N beats!


I don’t know why you don’t sell anything, your beats are really good, “Hard Af Space Trap” is fucking crazy, send some links in facebook, twitter, invite friends, search some rappers on youtube


Where are you marketing or how are you going about it? Beats are one of those things that people seem to buy when they hear something they really want and know they’re ready to put something together. That said, you have options of promoting such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Youtube. You also have other options such as paying for tweets to promote your beats,, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and so forth.

Selling beats isn’t easy, and for most including myself, it’s not something that you typically sell 5 beats or more a day every single day. There are days I have a beat sale, there are days I have no sales, and there are days I have one or two people buy 5 or 6 beats each, so it varies just like any retail business would.

That said, you have to keep promoting as best as possible and try to build networking with others to a degree. If you see people on Facebook or Twitter with music, check them out and give them some feedback on their music. They in turn usually (not everyone as some are only about themselves) listen to what you have and will then hit you up as well.

There are many different ways to promote beats, but in the end, it’s all about who among the visitors you get to see your site is actually ready to buy. Many kats out there simply want to “Do Networking” or “want free beats” and that’s all. But there are buyers among those that don’t buy, trust and believe.

Much respect. Keep the hustle going strong!


Agree with Gen, networking is a huge key. Marketing is hard but if done right is effective, find out whats working for you (getting visits, feedback, inquiries,etc) and improve on that, dump whats not working and experiment with new ideas… what works today may not work tomorrow… google analytics is your best friend


Good topic (as always)…

I was recently talking over an old technique with a friend. Meet three people a day. That is what i have been doing and you would not believe the word of mouth game.

Besides, if you don’t really know how to spend your money marketing online example: google/google places/facebook/twitter… then don’t! You could easy end up bidding highest bigs CPP and spend $5 just for one placement.

The easiest place to start growing is in your front yard! Last week my team and I went downtown to have a lunch meeting and we tend to meet an greet with three or more people (just to find out what they do… you never know who they are and could be your ticket on getting your demo into the radio station.) ANYWAYS, before we finally grab a table to eat a newspaper reporter stopped us to ask us a few questions …( our roles reversed) Names in the newspaper, online and being on social sharing as well… point-game-match!

Point is that if online marketing is not your thing, get someone else to do it so you can meet and greet yourself to others in your hometown. The next person you meet might be an accountant… but his brother might be a A&R or whoever…

Good luck!


Good story! got some fresh ideas now.


Thanks man. appreciate it. u got some dope beats too.
love the atmosphere on street piano


I feel ya man. Been having the same issues. Thanks posting this, and everyone who replied. Dont feel so alone in that now.


Yea, I’v been strugglin 2. I have yet to sell anybeats at all. I’m accually going to start a new topic about profile views, so check it out when you can. And please offer any feedback at all.


I just checked your profile. My advice to you would be to name your beats so that an artist can get a vibe froom them. Also you should have more than 10 beats. This will raise your chances in selling a beat.


Thanx for the advice. I do have more beats than this on my website but I’m trying to sell beats on this website with a free account. I don’t name my beats, cuz they don’t have hooks to them. As a former artist I know that all artist have different opinions when it comes to the hook and I don’t want to influence there creativity. I’m probably wrong, but everyone has a marketing scheme. Thanx for the profile view!


Your beats are going in, keep up the work finding serious customers is not an easy task. I been producing for almost 10 years and i learn something new everyday, which brings me to these forums cause i’ve learnt a lot but i agree with itskotic “dump whats not working and experiment with new ideas” this is something that relate to myself.


You need to research internet marketing.

One way to get your music heard and linked back to your myflashstore is through youtube. It worked wonders for me.

You should also look into good ol’ emails. They are still the best way to generate hard leads/sales online.


If selling a beat were easy we’d all be superstars. It takes work + time, think of it like farming, plant seeds with artists, get your name visibile, and with time those seeds will mature.


Thank you everyone!
much appreciate. checked out couple of you guys, so much dope beats out there
Peace N beats!

-Clueless BeatZ


Email marketing is a goldmine.


Using influencer marketing is a more subtle approach, in my opinion. People will be naturally interested in your content because other people recommend it - ain’t it cool? It’s really more popular than you might think, here you can read more about it.


You can contact some influencers to promote your websites