Marketplace Success?


Has anyone seen any success with sales/growth using the marketplace promo?
Did the success continue after the promo ended?

Is airbit even actively promoting the marketplace platform for artist to find?

honestly seems like most of the airbit marketing is to producers (of course right?)

I looked through the search it doesn’t seem many ppl have mentioned about the marketplace that much lately so i thought id bring up the debate.

Now I have made random sales from the marketplace, even recently (even though it had some issues)
So I just bought a promo campaign to test for myself and i will keep you guys updated on my results.


Please do. Would greatly appreciate the info. It seems to be the same people in the market place for ever. Either they are making a lot of money or its some bs.


I did a 7 day promo campaign and i immediately saw an increase in plays on not only the advertised beat but also a good amount of plays on my beat store.

During this time i only had 1 marketplace sale (not the advertised beat)

and a few from my regular store. Really not sure if its related.

I would say for me, i would need to experiment with different style beats to see what get the best result. Although i feel it is a BIT overpriced for the results I saw personally. I think the marketplace need a bit more work exposure wise. Needs more artist on there.

Has to compete with Beat Stars and YouTube. But im sure everyones result will be different this is just my experience.