Mp3s aren’t processing


Are yall on top of this? Been happening for almost 48 hrs now.


ok thought i was alone, yes please fix this!! can’t upload anything


Same problem here, uploading WAVs is fine but I get an error for the MP3 and the tagged mp3 just sits there ‘processing’ forever


Same problem it’s quite embarrassing


Ok I am not alone.Trying to upload a beat and get an error for the MP3. And if I try to share it, it says no beat found.
Please fix this. Cant upload beats at the moment and i dont know why.


Same here! Wanted to make my first upload which I carefully crafted and I started to go insane… :smiley:


I need to upload my beat ASAP, costumer is waiting…


I just hope they’ll implement an upload through dropbox(or other third party cloud storage) feature.


Hi all, sorry for the delayed response, and sorry for any inconvenience caused. There was a temporary issue affecting file processing over the weekend which has since been fixed. All files are uploading and processing as normal now. Thanks for your patience whilst we addressed this