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What’s going on everybody? I have a website that I created a website a few years back that I sell my beats on, but I really haven’t been pushing it lately, as I have been putting energy into other areas of the music game. But now I am looking to make some changes to the look and update. My changes are more than just design, but it is not full website developement because I have one; just a few tweaks. I was just seeing is there any reccomendable companies that deal with website design. I have looked through some freelance sites, but didn’t really see to many that were skilled in music website design. The one’s I have seen, I just don’t know to much about and since it is no third party that acts a mediator, I don’t want to get in a situation where I’m paying money to someone that won’t fulfill the service. If there are any reputable music web designers , it would greatly be appreciated. …Thanks


Hey, i’m part of a website design team specializing in music websites and we offer very affordable rates so i think we can help. Feel free to visit our website for details:


Hi TayorMade, I can probably help if you like. I’m a producer too and I build websites and apps for musicians. Here’s are a couple of example websites :: ::
Hope this helps.
Don Suave’