My beat is cracking when the kick hits


Original WAVE sound quality is good but when I upload it to AirBit, my kicks sound horrible.


Are you exporting with a limiter ceiling of 0.0 db? If so, it’s usually recommended to do something like -0.2 or -0.3. Even when audio is at 0.0 db, sometimes things like conversions can push it past 0.0 (clipping). In this case, maybe the processing that AirBit is doing in the background could potentially be clipping your audio. I’m not sure, but definitely try -0.2/0.3 if you haven’t already.


Hi @IOnlySmokeWoods

We are sorry to hear that you’ve faced this issue with your beat file. Can you please send us the names of the beats that you’re facing this issue with on so that I can inspect this issue further for you to detect the reason behind this distortion?

Awaiting for your email to provide further assistance.