My beat is way to hidden


hey guys,
my problem is that my beat isnt shown. Even if i type the title in the searching bar i cant find it. The list starts of with beats with the same name, than others show up that arent related in any way and my beat still isnt shown.
I just wonder if i cant find it how other are supposed to, Accordingly rn i got 0 beat plays on it.
But the beat is uploaded to 100% if i click on my profil its shown.
So… what did i do wrong?



Hi @LENNY43. Beats are shown in order what’s deemed most relevant to the browsing customer. Newly uploaded beats, or beats without any plays will not be seen as relevant as those that have been on the Marketplace for a long time with proven relevance, and therefore be lower in results.

So, it’s not that your beat isn’t displayed - it’s just lower in the results as it’s in competition with already established beats that match those keywords. When searching your display name on the Marketplace your beat is the first result, because your name is more unique.

To ensure you maximise your beat’s visibility we always recommend using tags and moods, as this will ensure it shows up in more search results. We have a guide to adding these here.

I hope this helps!


How is this fair to newcomers? You guys are making it way harder than it should be to be new on your site, compared to established producers, who already have a big clientele and lots of “airtime” so in the first place.

I suggest you make some kind of way to help new airbit beat-makers. As it is now, all we can do, is use the promote button, or try to herd the customers in our direction through other kind of social media.


How would you suggest they make it fair bro? drop some ideas and maybe they might implement them.

I mean I have an idea:

So if I searched “Set It Off” and 20 beats popped up cool and as Ellis has said that by default they are sorting by relevance (plays).

How about a function in the top right (or left) corner of that search bar that allows artists to sort by: date, plays, uploaded when, price, etc etc… kind of similar to how our beat stores do it.

Im not bothered either way to be fair but thought I throw something out there.


Yeah, I like the search bar thing you mentions.

I also think they should just let “Recently Added Beats” be recent beats and not factor in plays/buys.
That sounds fair to me, man. And if people abuse it by re-uploading constaly - blacklist/time-ban those guys.

How does that sound?


thank you man really appreciate it


man thats exactly what i meant. like there isnt a way to get your beats played other than bringin your costumers already with you


Thanks for your feedback guys, we’re always trying to improve the Marketplace and nothing is set in stone - we are always testing things out and making changes, and we welcome constructive feedback.

One of the most important things we have to consider is the shopping experience for the customer. We have to provide them with the best experience otherwise they will go elsewhere to buy their beats, which in turn will mean less sales for you guys. Without the customers there is no Marketplace, and the changes we’ve previously made has seen the traffic + sales coming through the Marketplace increase every month.

@LENNY43 @Percasso you’re both correct about bringing your own customers in. The Marketplace is an opportunity to get extra sales, however most of your traffic + income will come from your own Marketing methods. This is the same for the top sellers as well as someone who has just joined.

@MessyBeatz we did previously have this sorting option but have since removed it. It may come back in the future as we adapt and make changes.

We do recognise that newcomers may not have the same visibility as top sellers and we try to address this by giving them their own chart, as well as introducing things like staff picks, which allows anyone on the Marketplace to have a spot on the homepage for a week.

Thanks again for your feedback guys, feel free to get back to us with any other feedback or concerns


@EllisHouslin how about doing what instagram is doing? Showing a beat to a small number of people as a test, then based on their reactions determine how ‘relevant’ it is and make it visible accordingly.