My beat not showing in latest beats


When i upload new beat it doesn’t show up in the latest beat
how does ’ Latest *genre(ex Trap) Beats section work

I need Help.Thanks

Hi @MrBonk, the latest uploads doesn’t show all new beats, as this has been abused in the past, with people spamming the uploads to dominate this area. Because of this, this section shows recent popular uploads that are deemed most relevant to the customer


Wouldn’t it be possible to still show all new uploaded beats but maybe limit it to only 1 beat per producer in the same day or something like that? So if a producer tries to upload 5 beats in a row in a single day only the first beat will appear in the latest beats and the rest will be ignored.


Yes that’s a possibility. There is more than one resolution to this, though we chose to go with the one that provides the most relevant results for the customer, to encourage more artists to shop on the Marketplace, and therefore garner more sales for producers


Doesn’t this solution favour established producers? It seems that this list is dominated by the top producers on the website.


Yeah, you’d think it does. Basically creates a closed loop.


I’ve recently joined airbit and I have a total of four plays, all of them being me… How am I supposed to get my beat heard and possibly sold if it can’t be found nowhere on the website?


I had the same problem.