My beats aren't selling


I’ve been working hard on my music but nothing good seems to happen. I promote my work on social media, but nobody’s interested. I feel like i wanna quit trying to sell my beats because nobody wants them. it’s like a waste of time


Hi @Tarnaite

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Post a link to your beats. Do you have a website?


You can have alot of marketing strategies and those help but your brand isant built enough so its not about making a lot of beats that sound good, if the brand isant there than no or unless you have deep connections within the music business. Ive also heard yourbeats id say keep working your getting there.



Thank you, i know that’s really a marketing skill that i have to build, i guess it takes time


I think that the best strategy now is to make 2 hours beat collection and call it something like “lofi hip hop beats to relax and study” :smiley:
This way you’ll get a great number of views and subscribers. It’s a long and hard work but it’ll pay back for sure.
The other thing to take into consideration before posting beats on a youtube is to adjust keywords correctly. It’s an extremely simple thing but people often forget about this essential step. Here’s a free service which will help youtube tag tool.
Another great thing are collaborations, I think that there’s no need to explain this. Just don’t be shy to offer a partnership to other artists. Hope it helps :wink:


Thank you so much, hope it works😊