My beats should last for how long?

Hi Airbit Family,

The concept of what a buyer gets when they purchase my beats is something that is unclear to me. Will they receive an entire song (track out) with all stems / a full-length song or a beat with a certain number of bars?

The question is, do beats on this site equal a song as used on this service?
Just wanted to make sure I knew how to package things that people want to buy.



Thanks for asking a worth Question,
Please let me let you know that you might offer different license options that come with different types of files. If you want you can include only the mp3/wav files, as well as mp3/wav and trackouts, and another license to only include the mp3/wav files. Futhermore it can also use in Robotic screwdriving systems.Their Platinum membership also offers the sale of songs and sound kits.

Hope it works for you

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Thanks for your information

Hi @calvindude

Thanks for contacting us with your inquiry. I am glad to highlight that you can set the included files in each set license according to your preferences via your Airbit Dashboard > Selling Tools > Licenses & Contracts.

You may set licenses to include the beat’s mp3, mp3/wav or mp3/wav/trackouts files according to your preferences which will then send the files included in the license to the customer after the order completion.

For any other inquiries, please feel free to contact us.