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[quote=“MakaihBeats” post=17685]wtf boostaudio is a scam. how do yall not see that? 5K visits and no conversions??
Ive bought ads on datpiff and they only send you abt 2500 uniqiue visits in a week. they prolly buy some web visits on fiverr and resell them for higher. I bought from them one time and instantly knew they were fake. damn I been off this forum for 6 months and its gone to hell. ppl scamming and now everyones a beatselling guru. I saw someone post one $50 sale earlier saying he is tired of selling beats like wtf who does some stupid shit like that. Anyway to the producers who arent stupid, sorry if I sound harsh, but this has gotten out of hand.[/quote]

wtf said im tired of selling beats??? IT SEEMS READING IS NOT TAUGHT 2 KIDS WHO NEED IT NOWADAYS :laugh:
1st off im the one producer with 4 topics in this forum and i aint fronting…to me MAKING beat sales are kinda boring now…like i know how to do it any day any time cuz i know how to market which is more important than selling just a beat…1nce you know how to market u can sell anything…and if u want to call companies a scam how did u get scammed…if a company provides traffic bullshit or not…thats what u pay for so how do u get scammed when thats what they deliver…i said i never had a capture page so i got visits only…thats on me…im just sharing my experience…other than that get out yo feelings and dissappear 4 another six months cuz ima help as many producers make sales as possible on this site “FREE OF CHARGE” cuz making beat sales is not a struggle 4 me no more…its fucking boring now…making a new beat is more exciting cuz i know the money is gonna come in regardless!!! and to any producer reading this gsARCADES 1st rule of marketing “Dont ever trust someone whos qucik 2 scream the word SCAM” CUZ SCAM SPELLED BACKWARDS IS MACS (MY ASS CANT SELL) yawwwnnn :dry: :whistle:




LOL…I appreciate that gsARCADE.
Can I get your opinion on The FanShare section we added. It is a free service for producers who are willing to help each other make more sales.

To MakaihBeats, It is sad you are quick to accuse us of being a scam. We care about producer sales and we take time to build services that help. Even if it means shunting down the site to make improvements.


Mark B.


I received an email from Boost Audio…hmmm I don’t know. It seems interesting but…i’d like to know who is using this and tell experience before i give it a try.


LOL :laugh: Our team is extremely active online. You might have received an email from our girl Cristal on Gmail. The last producer who used it was: Kamilson Beats from he exchanged over 1,000 email leads. All verified.

Mark B.


Yeah I know who Kamilson is.


Anybody else tried it?


i get list back
but most email addresses are producers so I do not know i dont need producers emails lol


Thanx man…not sure that’s effective…


The more producers participate the more accurate the system gets. It is not perfect yet, but it is getting close. We started promoting on a few sites and producers are using it. After all it is an absolutely free tool to get you more leads and sales :wink:

Mark B.


what do you “verify” exactly? if those are “real” emails?


We verify the emails to make sure they are legitimate artists. There were a few instances where producers submitted other producers emails. We do our best to prevent this from happening.

We run the emails through our software in order to make sure the inbox and/or url within the email are still active. After that we manualy check the email to confirm it is not associated with a producer.

Even though FanShare is a free service, we want people to be satisfied.

Mark B.


I check out this website. I don’t understand what it is exactly. What do email leads do? I feel like it will spam me with a bunch of emails that I don’t want.


[quote=“tomisthebom” post=17850]I check out this website. I don’t understand what it is exactly. What do email leads do? I feel like it will spam me with a bunch of emails that I don’t want.[/quote] I actually know what leads are, but I don’t understand how that are shared. Also, do you need to already have a mailing list?


And will I get a lot of spam email as a result of exchanging leads?


Sorry but this service is totally unnecessary for producers.
Total Amount of Clicks: 11816 - And not even 100 hits on my
website, not even more than 20 plays through the service.
I don’t understand the point of that. How does your email you
send looks like? And who receives the mails? Other producers,
random people, rappers? I just paid 50$ for nothing, that is lame.
I’d have way more with a promoted post on facebook… :frowning:


I can’t believe you guys are falling for this BoostAudio thing lol


Yeah seems like a waste of money


Honestly it would be better to grow your own mailing list by yourself and not use a solo ad provider like this.
If the service is good you might get a sale but most likely not and if its bad, you’re out 30-50 bucks.

Use Facebook groups, FB PPC ads in the news feed, banner ads on rap/hip-hop sites.

Not sure if you are using a capture page or sending artists directly to your beats page, but you should Just focus on promoting free beats or info that directs them to a capture page, and collects their email, then you have a list full of rappers. Free traffic every time you send an email.

If you don’t know what a capture page is, you can see mine here:

Peace Love & Music
Paul Witzleben
CEO Pauli 2 Times Productions


yea i tried about 2weeks ago i have still yet to have any emails of contacts sent to me but had some producers email me about their beats i wouldn’t put money into this its a bust.


Hey everyone! Has anybody recently tried the BoostAudio packages? Any results good or bad? I just started the process of lead obtaining and I have been running test ads on Google Adwords Express as well as FB for 3 days and realize this isn’t going to be easy! I have a capture page and I am following the formula (2 free beats for sign up). My ads just haven’t brought in enough traffic yet and I am looking for a boost! Please advise. Thank you!