My Flash Store, not supported on mobile devices?


Hi, Im new to selling beats online. I created a website and i embedded the HTML onto my site, no problem. But when i open my website on mobile devices it says “this plugin not supported” ? any way i can make My Flash Store into mobile friendly??


Are you sure you’re not embedding the Flash store? Flash is not compatible with mobile devices, to use the HTML5 store go to Dashboard -> Music Stores -> HTML5 Store.


you have to purchase a service from that cost $4.95 a month that makes your flashstore show on mobile devices. (hostgator is just an example, you can use any host)


You don’t have to purchase any extra services, our HTML5 players are fully mobile compatible.


Check the website with Google responsive tool and fix the issues, otherwise the plugin is not supported with the version, I am using Cloudways managed hosting and their support team always fix these type of issues.