My Guide for Selling more beats


Today the internet has become wide available to a lot of people. Artists are now looking for the hottest beats on the internet so this is the best time to become a music producer especially if you produce rap and hip hop instrumentals. Other genres of beats also sell on the internet but a lot of musicians outside the genre of rap hip hop and R&B usually use in house producers to work on their projects! In this article/forum post I want to talk about what some producers ignore but can make you a big killing in beat sales if you just promote it well! I want to talk about BEAT TAPES but before I do that I want to say this.
Human beings act in puzzling ways, ways that often defy logical behavior. Even more puzzling are those situations where, even when we know we are acting illogically, we still do it. For example many people here are asking BIG Questions like “How can I make more Money selling Beats Online?” but so often we assume that BIG Questions have big answers so we overlook the simple or the obvious answers RIGHT in front of us and even worse we judge the VALUE of the answers by how HARD it was to find them or how much we paid to get the Them! Here is an example, most producers will browse forums looking for answers and even read this forum post but guess what? MOST PEOPLE DON’T TAKE FREE INFORMATION SERIOUSLY! They have a quick glance through the posts and maybe read a few sentences, but then just carry on browsing the internet without taking ACTION! So what’s going on? Many of these producers are looking for answers to the BIG questions and yet, when I give them many of the BIG answers for nothing, they don’t seem to notice.
Crazy isn’t it?
The thing is, if you give someone something for free, they assume it has little value. They equate pain, suffering and struggle with something of worth. They find it hard to accept that something profound and life changing could come to them so easily. I hope you do not make the same mistake when reading this article because it can RAISE your beat sales and also change your life! Though the information here is brief and you received it for free, the effect on your life can be dramatic!
Now let’s get started.

Artists want beats very much! It’s like fuel for their music career. They want beats so much that they’ll even sign up to a mailing list if you promise to send them free beats even if they have never heard any of your beats yet! Most producers usually complain about artists who ask for free beats or who want beats at cheap prices but hey instead of complaining why not solve that problem? I won’t waste much of your time with crap so here is the big deal!
Here is the big deal: SELL BEAT TAPES ON iTunes with Lease Rights
I will tell you one thing! Beat tapes usually make more sales than regular leases!!! With beat tapes instead of leasing one beat for $10, $15, or $20, you can make a beat tape with at least 10 beats and sell it as an album on iTunes for the price of one beat or two or whatever price you choose, just make sure you’re giving the artists a big deal than your regular lease prices! You can even sell it for $10 with 10 beats! Have both your regular beat store (Soundclick, Myflashstore or whatever) and your iTunes store for beat tapes! Market the beat tape effectively and you’ll see big money coming in! Now this is the question that a lot of Artists and producers ask me “How can I get my Music on iTunes?” don’t worry I used to wonder about that too!
First of all I want to let you know why getting your music on iTunes is the #1 way to go if you’re trying to sell your music online! iTunes is the #1 website that people buy music from. Apple products are popular just like iphone, ipad and yes theres also iTunes. Getting your music on iTunes makes you look like a serious musician/producer and customers willing to buy your music will trust you when your music is on iTunes because they trust Apple products and iTunes! With that in mind, its better to sell your beat tapes on iTunes than e-junkie, click bank etc, I have tried all of them and iTunes gets me a lot of sales from beat tapes compared to e-junkie and click bank. Now let’s get the ball rolling.
When it comes to getting your music on iTunes don’t even think about going to the iTunes website and try to submit your music. ITunes is very professional and they only deal with Major artists/labels directly. Trying to submit your music on iTunes through them can take months if not yet years for them to approve you and then go through all the BS requirements, not to mention iTunes gets commission From your music sales which is NOT A GOOD THING!
The best way to get your music on iTunes is through a distribution company that works directly with iTunes. The best online music distribution company I recommend is
With you can get your music on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Spotify, Emusic, Google Play and more! And the best thing is that you get to keep 100% Money from all your sales (NO STUPID COMMISSIONS). Go ahead and sign up for free it’s the best way to get your music on iTunes and the big Plus Is that it distributes your music to iTunes, AmazonMP3, Spotify, Google Play and all the major music retailers which means more exposure and options when artists want to buy your beat tapes. If they are not comfortable with iTunes then you can direct them to an AmazonMP3 Link or Spotify or Google Play or whatever!
I hope this helps you make some more beat sales! Like I said, its usually the small things that make a big difference! Don’t believe me? Then try it out, you have nothing to loose!
I got to go smoke some weed now! Take care!
Best regards!
Ola BeatMaker


I have satellite radio in my car and I listen instrumental electronic music often. I get a lot of inspiration from what I hear. I own every instrumental album J-Dilla ever made and I realize that a great instrumental can stand alone. When I produce I try to make music that not only inspires an MC to pic up a pen and start writing 16, but can also stand alone.
I think that the approach of releasing through i-tunes can help producers open up more doors for direct collaboration with artist’s and it is these relationships that lead to long term success.


smart idea with the itunes and especially spotify (streaming)

itunes sales get registered so if you sell enough on itunes the majors notice… spotify gets people to stream and you get paid (although very little) people are streaming your beats for free via your site so you might as well make a few dollars here and there

love this post!!!


There are quite a few agents that deal with submitting to itunes, i did some research on this a few years ago. There is 1 in particular that is like kinda first in line with apple… arh!.. it’s killing me i can’t remember what its called but your chances of successful & quicker submission are much higher with it than any other!!!.. i’ll try find it again n get back…

ps if u do get on Itunes make sure ur handling ur tax bill or eventually it will come bite u in the ass!


ok, from what i remember the big ones are AWAL & tunecore but things have probably moved on from when i last looked into this. You now have more options depending on the deal you want. Just make sure you go through one of the companies on this page -
any other company you submit to will then be submitting your stuff to one of these anyway, u may as well cut out the middle man.


Hmm I might just have to try this out with some of my older instrumentals…


solid advice bro, im gonna have to do that! i already have songs on iTunes as an artist through CDBaby, and they have always been on point.


sure! just have to be commited


Sounds like a plan B)


Good post.

I wanted to chime in and let you guys in on a little secret. go to

It only costs 5.99/month after your admin fee of what use to be $20 but I think they changed it to $25 now and days.

Anyways, sign up and you will can upload as many tracks or albums you want. This service is meant to be for artist and their songs, but they don’t make it mandatory.

My point is this… $5.99/month can get you into over 300 online stores including, itunes, spotify, rhapsody and best buy…etc

The payroll is usually monthly. ( only downside ) but features like storefront widgets you can post anywhere is a great pro.


This sounds like a solid idea.I am new to selling beats and this is the way I am going to approach my sales plan Thanks for posting.


Building your business online is tantamount to success as a beat store. But going out in the real world and putting in work is even more important. Promoting your self to local artists, turning your production skills into djing skills to plug you and your website is a great way to get exposure, meet new artists, boosts your likes for facebook, and get paid.


This is a very nice idea! Thanks!


sounds good but my concern is how do u deal with sampled beats on those sites?? lets say u sampled song from another artist what about the copyrights n stuffz???


Interesting post. But how do you differentiate the lease rights on iTunes? For example, I have music on iTunes already, but they are for commercial sale, not available for licensing. Is this something I can set up for future iTunes releases? (Making a beat tape for other artists to license for example).