⚠️ Need help to identify my "Type Beats" tags ⚠️


Hey guys,

I just released 9 beats today, and it looks like a good promotion includes tags or even titles including “INSERT ARTIST NAME” TYPE BEATS.

The problem, believe it or not, is I do not listen to much US rap or hiphop in these days so I have no idea who’s leading the market or what my beats sound like.

I would be so grateful if some of you guys can give a listen to my beats and tell me what TYPE BEATS they would use.


Much love, thank you for your help.



Hi @Mimzar, the artist you associate with your beat should be based on relevance rather than popularity. For example, don’t add “drake type beat” if your beat is not a drake type beat.

As you don’t listen US rap it would be hard for you to accurately represent this so I recommend taking some time to listen to popular Hip Hop artists (and others - e.g. trap, RnB, etc.) and familiarise yourself with their style.

I hope this helps!