New Infinity Player checkout



I embedded the new infinity player on my website and it looks dope.
But is it maybe possible to do the whole purchasing process in the player?
Because after pressing the checkout button the customer is leaving the website.
and it’s not easy to find back to the wordpress website.

Please let me know what you think.



Plus what I realized is when I offer Buy 2 - Get 2 Free, the cart shows the price for 2 beats on one beat.
For example I add 4 beats to the cart and 2 are free, the player shows $0.00 for 3 beats and the price of 2 beats on the 4th beat.

For example 1 beat cost $30:

1st Beat $60
2nd Beat $0
3rd Beat $0
4th Beat $0

But it should be like this:
1st Beat $30
2nd Beat $30
3rd Beat $0
4th Beat $0

It’s a detail but professional ecommerce businesses do it like this. we should not confuse our customers.



Any information to this?


The infinity store functionality is horrible, looking cool is all it has. Airbits falling off, everyones starting to realize. Need hurry up and get new their new features rolled out, which are now already basic features to Airbit competitors … Like theses guys are making money and not developing


just watch how they wont answer or fix lol


@EllisHouslin did you see my questions?


Hi @UltimaSound, sorry for the delay getting back to you. Regarding payment - we support Paypal & Stripe for accepting payments. Paypal requires you to be redirected to complete the order, but debit/credit card payments (w/Stripe) are completed without leaving the store.

You can connect a Stripe account in Settings > Selling Preferences.

I understand your query regarding the discounts and this is something we can look at, but there are no immediate plans to make changes to this. I have made the dev team aware of this so they can consider making changes in future


Thanks @EllisHouslin for your answer.
But I think you misunderstood my question.
I embedded the infinity store on my wordpress website and after pressing the checkout button I leave the wordpress website to a full screen infinity store.
Why not going through the purchase process in the embedded store ON the wordpress website?


Ah, sorry for the misunderstanding. When embedded, stores are contained within an iframe. Payment cannot be taken from within an iframe, so customers must be directed to your full Infinity Store (which is not in an iframe) to complete the purchase