New Infinity Player Issues - Empty Checkout for customers



I really want to switch over to the new infinity player but I have found some problems with it. Using safari, every time I use an infinity player (I’ve tried others, dopeboyz etc.) I add the beats to the cart and go to the checkout and it takes me to a page that says - cart empty. This also happens on mobile and I’ve found chrome and firefox to generally be fine but it does happen occasionally.

Trying to sell beats isn’t easy and for a real customer to add all the beats to the cart to actually pay for them and the cart to deletes everything is really bad for business.

Here’s an unlisted video link to the problems I’m having:

I’ve had a few people check my player when I installed it and they had the same issues using some browsers, some said after the first empty cart it started working. However, I can’t switch over to it if the problem even exists, it’s a crucial part.

It’s also a shame that the new player does not support autoplay.


Hi @jonthedreamer, apologies for this. We have responded to your ticket about this, please check your inbox when you can