New Upload - files are processing for ages


Hello team Airbit,

I had this recently already but the problem resolved automagically…
But today my files are processing for ages. How come?
I tried to re-upload the beat, still not working.
Would really like to keep to my schedule though…and I need that share link for my Youtube…but I get an error message "Error loading beat, please try again."
Help pls


Hi @SoulFyah

Thanks for contacting us for support. We are sorry to hear that you’ve faced this issue with your beat upload. Unfortunately, this issue can be caused by internet connection speed, so can you please test your internet connection by running a speed test (if you Google “internet speed test” you can do this in a couple of minutes), and send us a screenshot of the results?

Please also try downloading/uploading to other platforms to see if everything is ok with your connection.

Awaiting for your response to provide further assistance.


Hello Sara,
the issue was not caused by the internet connection, I uploaded to youtube, beatstars, and facebook at the time as well.
Also, the uploading was fine, just after the upload it was not possible to play or share the beat: "Error loading beat, please try again."
It took about one and a half hour more, then the files eventually got processed and it all worked like it is supposed to do.
It happened once before, but that’s already a few weeks or month ago…

Thank you anyway,


Hi @SoulFyah

We are glad to hear that the issue was temporary and was successfully resolved. We will investigate the reason behind this issue for you to successfully resolve it so that this does not occur in the future.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused by this situation.