No Sales - Beat Quality or Marketing Strategy?


Hey guys (and gals),

I’m new to the forum but not new to making beats. I’ve been doing it on and off for almost a decade, but have just recently started to try to turn my hobby into a part-time gig. I have heard the quality of my beats improve over the years, but sometimes still doubt if I’m “good enough”. I’ve been marketing my stuff more intensely recently, but haven’t seen any sales (any yes, I do know it’s still early). I’m averaging about 50 unique visitors per day to my website, but am wondering why people aren’t showing more interest (only staying on the site for an average of 1 minute, not buying beats, not joining my mailing list, etc.).

This leads me to pose two questions:

  1. Is it the quality of my beats?
  2. Is it my marketing strategy/build of my website?

You can visit my website at

I’m look for honest criticism, so don’t be shy. I know I have the motivation to take things to the next level, but am not sure what my next step should be. Any advice is more than appreciated! :slight_smile:

  • Mr. CG Beats


So yeah I listened to a few of the beats. Your melodies are pretty cool but your drums are weak.

I was listening thinking that the drums were going to come in hard as hell but instead they came in soft.

On your beat Trap, the drum samples & the patterns don’t match the trap sound.

You have to work on those drums my guy.

Also, you look just like every other online producer.

You are just a logo.

No face.

People do business with people.

They give 0 damns about a logo.



Where are you driving the traffic from?

Also, I wouldn’t push traffic directly to your website, instead make a landing (squeeze) page which offers them something for free in return for an email address and then use email marketing to build a connection with these artists.

If you’re not one of the already established online producers then its very difficult to drive traffic directly to your site and get sales.


@triplehomicide @MessyBeatz
Thank you both for the feeedback! What is the weakest part of the drums? The samples, the mix, or the patterns? I thought the mix hit hard as I tend to use tricks like parallel compression to really boost the attack of the drums. If you have the time, could you listen to my track, “Absolute Mayhem”. This is the work I’m most proud of and would be surprised if you said the drums were weak in this track too.

The bit about collecting email addresses is good advice. In terms of just a logo versus my face, my About page does have two photos of me. Are you suggesting to move these to the main page?

Also, my traffic comes from a few different places, but mostly through google adwords campaigns and facebook/instagram promotions.


The patterns. Your melodies are cool. Just do WAY more simple drum patterns. Abstract patterns might be cool for buildups and stuff, but most people want something that is simple and consistent so they can lay vocals on it.


Thanks for the feedback! I’m almost relieved to hear that it is a matter of them being too complex instead of too simple. I’ll be sure to try this in future beats.


The drum sounds are weak they dont have enough thump upgrade your drum sounds and your intros are too long


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll look into upgrading my kits. It’s great to have a community of people who will provide honest opinions. Any other advice anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.