Not sending activation code to email


I’m trying to access the beat that I paid for. I can’t because I’m not getting my account activation code–won’t send it to my email.


Sorry to hear this @pwh1493 - your activation link is and you activation code is 6dfd56313ddd440b1e239fc9a17edd75

Let us know if you have any other issues


i am having the exact same issue…


Hey @Fucius, apologies - we have replied to your email with your activation details. Let us know if there are any issues


I am having the same issue. Can you please send me my verification code. Thanks.


Hi @ReggaeRiddims, our system shows that your account has already been activated - did your activation email come through to you in the end?


I am having the same issue please help


Bro did you find out how to fix it?


Hi @AdamizedBeats, it looks like there was a typo in the email address of original account you created, which is why the email wasn’t reaching you.

I’m happy to see you’ve now successfully activated your new account. Are you happy for me to delete the first one?


I have not received my activation code yet in my email. Please send.


Sorry about that @MariioBeatz, please find your code + link below:

Activation Link:

Activation Code: 35d7393e3411d9fc57f9ae77c11de593


hey i am having the same problem sorry for the trouble


@eatingmahogany our system show that your account is already activated. Are you still having trouble logging in?


im having the same issue could you please send me my activation key


Sorry to hear this @Macrophantom1. Please find your activation details below:

Activation Code: 2835eb443284a8499c84f1bf9cf5d4cd

Activation link:


I am not getting the activation code


Hi @ongaku, sorry to hear this. Please find your activation details below:

Activation Code: e0c31c0f274084897b4d85cde6af7ecb

Activation Link:


I am not getting verification code for sign up - please help


Sorry @Showkase, your activation details are:

Activation Code: 545bf8d15d69cf79d05e00352eef4d9e

Activation Link:

Let us know if you have any other issues


Hi, Just trying to create account here on AirBit but not getting the activation email.? Please help resolve. Thank you!