Not sending activation code to email


i haven’t gotten a activation code whatsoever


my username is morningviews


Sorry @morningviewsbeats, your details are:

Activation Code: f97bc8b3d0ce8eccfed4f3219de2060c

Activation Link:

Let us know if you have any other issues


im not getting one. i made an account, then changed my mind and deactivated it. but then i changed my mind a second time and remade the account. now, im not getting the activation code. pls help. username is yuhnyquil


@yuhnyquil our system shows your account is now activated - please let us know if you’re still having trouble


I have the same problem. I registered, it said an activation code was sent to my e-mail, but nothing came in. Clicked resend a couple of times, but still nothing. Please help.


I am having same issue. Help!


I’m not getting mine either, please send it.


I still need help with this.