Paid For Promo, No Beat Sales, Disappointed!


I paid $140 for a week long promo on the front page of AirBit in April. Zero Beat Sales. I guess I wasn’t the only one because I received an email from AirBit saying they didn’t realize they needed to do more marketing before they offered promo services so they’re going to give everyone ANOTHER week of promo for free in May.

My second week of promo ended yesterday. Zero Beat Sales. And I know the beat I chose was DOPE because I sold that same beat on my beat store to people I BROUGHT TO THE WEBSITE. It is one of my top selling beats. But with a week of promo on the FRONT page, AirBit can’t get me any new sales?

I am extremely disappointed. Honestly, I want a refund. You got my $140 and I received NO additional sales. Ripoff.


Did you check your beat plays etc stats during the promo how they compared to your usual beat plays without promo? As that would help you see if the promo had any actual effect (should see more plays etc) even if the extra traffic didn’t convert to beat sales.


Just find it unacceptable that I sold more of that same exact beat in the 2 weeks I paid for promo to guys I brought to my beat store than the THOUSANDS of people “supposedly” visiting the front page of Airbit each day.


how did you get the original customers to your store


Id like to know how you got them to your store as well! I can understand your frustration with paid ads, but I’ve always been told to look at it as “throwaway” money :neutral_face:


i don’t agree with that “throw away money” paid ads shouldn’t be used to send people straight to a purchase though


Can you send me the link to your beat? DM me in instagram @AGMvsic I did the promo before and made two sales from one customer. Second time I made zero.