What’s up Wassim, and fellow Airbit producers.

Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, iPod, BeatStars, Soundclick… All music players have to be started manually on mobile, but will play the next song automatically. I understand there’s some complications to starting the player automatically, which would be DOPE! But can we atleast get the songs to keep playing automatically, regardless of the data impact, at the end of the day people are on our sites to listen and take action so we should give them what they want in the easiest manner possible.

When listening to beats on the iphone, or any other mobile, people wanna just play and chill and listen, but the songs don’t run unless you manually trigger the next beat. IF this isn’t too complex to change, it would be great to just have the songs keep rolling like every other player.

Can I get an Amen?


Double Amen. I also inquired about this earlier in a different post. It’s the most noticeable thing – Particularly when you are Driving. All the sites you named play the next song. Like I said in my post — I actually thought I set my player up wrong when the next song didn’t come on automatically. The reason I was given it stops is because of a data issue. So that consumers aren’t charged for the player just continuing relentlessly on it’s on. But I’m with you — this is an issue that will only get worse in the future. Data will be cheaper for one and the Airbit player will continue to seem archaic because streaming music isn’t going anywhere. There is no stat for how many sales are lost when that player doesn’t continue on to the next song. We shouldn’t give customers a way out to go somewhere else. It’s frustrating to me and I use and pay for Airbit. But I am assuming that our buying audience doesn’t even give it that much thought — they just go somewhere else. We have competition — and again I don’t think we should be giving our customers the chance to exit. No one cares about data ---- streaming is what data plans are for.


Regarding your question - autoplay is not a feature that works on mobiles because of how mobile manufacturers design the phones. They don’t allow autoplay from websites as this will eat up data, which is why tracks have to be played manually

The explanation above was the answer I was given when I asked about the mobile player playing the next beat automatically. Reading it again - I don’t understand how the mobile players work from every other platform (Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, iPod, BeatStars, Soundclick).


Hi, there. As for me, I’m a Spotify Subscriber. If you can’t auto play the next track, maybe it caused by the play settings are wrong. Therefore, you need to check the auto play setting both in Spotify program and Beat. Additionally, you can take a try to download Spotify songs on Mac and then sync them to Beat. And then check whether it can be played fluently.