Pop-Up Subscription Forms - Yay or Nay?


We’ve all seen them, and we all find them annoying. But do any of you use these pop up forms on your site to gain subscribers?

If so, does it work for you? At what stage in the visit does it pop up? e.g. straight away, when they get to the bottom of the page, etc. Have you ever signed up to someone else’s email list using these pop-ups?

I don’t think I’ve ever read one, my first instinct is to look for the ‘x’ button…


I just added one on my site a few days ago, no sign ups yet. Was thinking about just leaving it strictly on my blog since its mostly for knowledge and guidance and not so much for pushing sales but building trust and genuinely helping out the artist and producers like me.

Links: Beat Store | A100DRUMZ Blog


Good stuff. You’ll have to update us in a few weeks to let us know how it’s affected your stats (if you’re tracking them). e.g. bounce rate, time on page, pages viewed, etc. and obviously if it’s increased sign ups as well


I know I’m extremely late, but does anybody know how to add a pop up form with mailchimp? I’ve tried implementing it but mailchimp continuously says “Uh oh, we couldn’t connect your site. Check your code and try again.” I was wondering how to add html to the infinity store, as it seems required.