Possible to get a Zapier integration?


Blessings Fam,

Have you heard of Zapier? The software that makes it possible to connect apps with each other?

I would really love to have an integration for Airbit, cause that way we could for example tag customers in our email lists differently then free downloaders (segment subscribers), or I could send data to a google sheet when someone buys a beat, or other cool stuff to automate things in the background.

Have you guys considered something like this for the future? would be dope :slight_smile:



Hi @SoulFyah

Thanks for contacting us with your inquiry about integrating different apps. We do offer connecting mailing list - which can be done from your Dashboard > Selling Tools > Connect Mailing List. However, we really appreciate your suggestion and I will forward your proposal to our development team to review so that it can be considered in our future updates plans.

We are always glad to hear your feedback and suggestions as this helps us to improve your experience with us by adding your needed features and services.


Hey, I know that it’s possible to connect mailing lists…but just on the basic level.
Would be awesome to be able to do some more advanced stuff.
Thanks for considering this.


I agree, zapier would be an amazing feature for airbit!!