Pricing MP3 and Wav differently


Hi! I’m new at this and am having trouble customizing my music store. Specifically, how do you price MP3 and Wave files differently? Also, are we able to change the layout design of the music store or are we stuck with the HTML5 one that they give us?
Thanks for your help!


You can’t explicitly set different prices for WAV and MP3 but there is a workaround.

[li]Goto Licenses in your Dashboard. Rename the default Non-Exclusive license to “MP3 Lease” or a label of your choice[/li]
[li]Then you can create a custom license called “WAV Lease”[/li]
[li]Then go to Settings -> File Delivery Options and make sure you select the WAV file for the “WAV Lease” license. You cant then set different prices for those licenses[/li]
In terms of your myFlashStore profile, only the HTML5 beat store are available, making sure your player is visible on mobile devices as well as computers.

You can have whatever beat store you wish anywhere else by generating the embed code in the Beat Stores section in your Dashboard.



I was just looking for this, thank you. :wink: