Problems with Free downloads


Hi Airbit Team,

i have trouble with the free downloads.
If i select the beat and the exchange for email
and the agreement and tagged it doesnt save it right.
Same is when i change from email to social.
It does not work or I am doing something wrong?
Please help


Hi @GTownBeatZ, I’ve checked your account and can see that the changes are saving (you can see because the green icon changes from email to social, etc.)

Are you referring to when you select the ‘Free Download’ tab again and it shows the default page? (email selected and no agreement)? This always shows as the default because you can select multiple beats which might have different options selected

I hope this clears things up, let us know if not


Hello Ellis,

ah ok. Yeah the default page apears. Thought this is an error. Then everything works fine.
But i was wondering. I had 9 free dls and the where not added to my email list.
Do you have an idea why?


Glad to hear everything works ok. Customers are not automatically added to your email list - they are sent an opt-in email where they can choose to be added to your list, so it may just be that they chose not to.

You can check it’s working by downloading a beat from yourself using an email address that’s not associated with your list in any way (e.g. it isn’t the email address you signed up with, and hasn’t already been added to the list). Then when you receive the opt in email, opt in and you should be added

( has a very quick and easy signup process if you want to create a new email address to test this with)