Producer Theft and Voice Tag Theft! BEWARE!


There is a guy on here that goes by the name of “millionairo” that scammed me out of voice tags, I was very disappointed that someone would steal my hard work from me. But that’s not even the half of it, turns out he is stealing beats from you hard working Producers on Youtube and selling them on his soundcloud and myflashstore.

His myflashstore link is

I will link you to a beat he stole from Youtube and is selling on his websites:

His Twitter is @itsmillionairo and his Instagram is @millionairo

None of those beats are his! He also claims to make graphic designs which I’m sure he is scamming people with that too, all of his followers are fake and the accounts that retweet him are also fake. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PERSON!


I like how his profile pic has tons of money on his lap, but he can’t pay for $10 voice tags. This millionairo dude is straight up garbage.


Sounds like a big fraud. Sad and pathetic. That money in the twitter profile can’t be his if you can’t afford $10 for a voice tag.


Nice work exposing this fraud


Sorry you had to go through that from that lame


That Beat is nice


What a scumbag. I had some scumbag lease a beast from me, tag it with his own tags, and have it become the #1 selling beat on under his name. People can be scum.

At least he has good taste in stealing beats lol…beat is dope.


Looks like they deleted his account. Good work exposing him! I don’t like to overly tag my beats cause I feel it takes away from the vibe. However, I put just one simple tag on every beat normally from the intro leading into the 1st verse/hook. I do not offer beats without this one tag even on exclusive rights.


Got to watch out for shady people these days that will lie and cheat to try and get ahead smh


I hate beat tags, I think they ruin our work That being said, the losers that take our music leave us with no choice. I swore against them, but after repeatedly having my tracks stolen I have gone back to using tags. I highly recommend tags when uploading to Youtube & Soundcloud, these are where they go to rip songs.


Nice beat, love the production!


Thanks for the heads up


Awesome music. I really enjoyed it.