Profile Pic and Dashboard Pic dimensions


What’re the appropriate dimension for both the Profile PIc (avatar) and the dashboard banner?

Trying to find the dimensions for an image to fit perfectly in both shouldn’t be this hard. Airbit doesn’t do a good job as far as that goes.

Either the pic is too small and looks unprofessional, being undersized, or it’s not the right size and doesn’t upload because it’s too large.

Please advise.


Hi @Chiefrnk, sorry the recommended dimensions weren’t made clear enough for you - both are displayed when uploading your image.

The recommended sizes are 600px x 600px for your avatar and beat images, and 1072px x 400px for your profile cover.

I hope this helps!


New to the site. I have tried these dimensions and no matter what my header is coming out to big.

Please help.


Sorry to hear this @IKnokBeats. Can you please send your 1072x400 header image to so we can test this for you?