Promotions & more


Airbit needs a better platform. Us producers should be able to have a better promo deal instead of paying 20 dollars a day only being able to get a promo if we pay for a 7 day promo which is 140. We need beat Seminars airbit should provide better beatstore players like having a pro page like beatstars. Also for our 9.99 we should be able to get placement opportunities & more. We also need better communication between the producers and airbits personal team.


Thanks for your feedback. We are currently working on a new store which we hope to release soon and we will update you on release.

We set the minimum promo time to 7 days to allow for a more accurate representation of a beat’s performance - e.g. promoting a beat for one or days will not provide enough information to determine if promotion will work for you.

And I’m sorry to hear you feel there’s not enough communication between ourselves and producers. You can contact us at any time at for a direct conversation and we’ll back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks again for your feedback!