Raise Your Beats Prices Stop Being A B*tch


Premium Leases yea. But not normal leases.


It’s all about personal preference but I see the point. You cant undersell your work!


Only quality will sell at the end - www.drasonthebeat.com


Its all about value.

Zaytoven could get on here right now and lease mp3’s for $500 and rappers would be lining up to buy. All that broke & poor crap would be thrown out the window. They wouldn’t give a rats ass about your $15 beats. Why? They know the value they will be getting with a Zay beat. They know that beat can help their career.

Even leasing beats at $15, why should anyone pay that? Are they just getting a beat and thats it? Low prices alone doesn’t communicate value. It’s more to it.

When you are valuable, you can charge what you want.


Thing is, you most likely won’t sell a couple of hundred $20 dollar leases or even 20 $20 dollar leases in a month so yes, I’d rather make $80 to $100 off one…at least it would’ve been worth my time. Imagine if I sold 2?


Your absolutely right. Zay could flood the market with a hundred beat a week and I think there would be more trafic to MFS and therefore more sells… Probably more garbage beats…

I mean… Even producers like knxwledge, flylo have to make leases. TV?Film?Concert?VideoGames?

I shouldn’t need a rapper to spit on my beat to build value.

I admire those producers who life off bandcamp and stuff…

It’s really about substance at the end… I feel weird selling a file on my computer. Could a sell from MFS end up on stadium ? festival ? probably… the internet is crazy… Still can’t figure out how to monetize on years of work… Still getting ripped off free beats

I need to ask. Is my beats garbage ?


Where are you on social media? I want to follow. Also, what’s the sauce on selling at high prices?


Preach brotha…it’s about building the brand. When you have placements, or are respectfully known in the industry, people are buying into your brand name, it’s more than a dope beat at that point. Maseed Productions has placements with some known cats, not major but known so when you buy a Maseed Productions beat, you get the reputation that goes behind that. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have placements though but that’s OK, you can be known for your high quality sound.

Get your customers to write reviews and testimonials about your company then people that don’t know you may feel more comfortable doing business with you because someone has vouched for you. In this business, your reputation and name is everything. A Lot of newbie producers are expecting all these beat sells yet no one knows your name or what you stand for. If you’ve built a website then you gotta have an about me or a discography showcasing your completed works, (not just beats).

Testimonials written by past customers works really well too because it presents an outside opinion of your work. If you can get testimonials from reputable people, that’s worth it’s weight in gold.

The overall look and feel of your site is a huge factor to your success. If your site looks amateurish and sloppy, lacks good graphics and the content is full of typos and misspellings, without even hearing your beats, you’ve already left a bad impression on people. They are going to think you are unprofessional and don’t pay attention to detail and honestly…would you wanna trust your project with someone like that? Probably not.

It’s all trial and error but you can spare yourself a lot of the errors by following the blueprint of other successful producers.



OMG, you called him out so hard…exactly what I thought as soon as I read his post. Dude got excited over one $80 lease and decided to post about it like he discovered something new. Look, I’ve sold a lease for $100…but even so, I haven’t made my leases $100 since. You have to respond to your market. One sale or even a dozen sales doesn’t mean shit. You keep asking what you’re going to do with $15…that’s exactly why I know you literally only sold one $80 lease, because you’re comparing $80 to $15. Yeah, $80 is > $15. But $80 isn’t > 6-10 sales a day or a week even @ $15. And even $15 is low… 20, 30, 40, even 50 is going to make multiple times more money than $80.

Also, I noticed you didn’t even notice you sold something. Another indicator you don’t really sell a lot of beats. I’ve read a lot of your post GSArcade…and it always sounded like you were humble, trying to figure this shit out…now you just sound like a clown. Humble yourself, and get back to work. Enjoy your $80 lol…there is A LOT more money to be made brotha.


I have so much respect for you and the rest of the community should as well. Thank you for proving you can have higher beat prices if you know how to market.

If no one else has been paying attention…Beatcraze has been posting their beats up at $50 a pop. The $50 posting creates high value. Especially when you see everyone selling at 24.99 or the ever popular $30.00 buy one get 3 sale.

With the $50 price point, they are able to discount down, creating even more value. What’s even more clever, in order to get the discount they have you signup to their email which, if you don’t know by now, it’s how we make most of our money.

To top that off…they have a sale for people who haven’t signed up. Here’s the kicker…if you decided to buy beats without signing up, you still get a badass deal, but you’ll be paying even more for these beats than the $30 beats @ buy 1 get 3 free sale.

Their buy 1 get 2 free sale still creates high value, while separating them from the majority. The amount people spend at their store per visit is greater than any of the buy 1 get 3 free sales @ $30.

Do your research people. There are pros showing you how it’s done all the time on myflash. I used to study the numbers even more when the charts broke down number of beats sold by the highest earners.

I’m happy to say producers are making even more money now than they were when we started. Not as a whole, just the ones who are doing the right things.


Are you still at soundgine? If not, howcome? If you are doing both, howcome? Just looking for some advice, as I plan on switching up to either a full mfs player or getting a vue page with soundgine.


Hey man, if you’re imagination only leads to you selling $160 worth of beats, then I don’t even know why you would be in this conversation. If this isn’t your first year of business, you’re simply not good at this if you can’t sell more than $160 on $20 leases and you’ve been doing this.

However, I was also curious why you aren’t on soundgine anymore and why MFS is better to you. Trying to decide between the two platforms for my next move.

I’m asking you because I know you’ve used both. Good luck to you in your future.


There’s one thing to be said about buying a higher priced lease though. If it was priced between $50 to $100, I’m pretty sure that not that many artists have leased it because they simply couldn’t afford to. There is value in that because it creates exclusivity without me actually having to pay the price of $250 or more to own the exclusive rights. Now on the other hand, if I cop a $5 to $20 buy 1 get 3 free lease, odds are that beat has been leased dozens of times already.

You get what you pay for bro.


Exactly. Exclusivity is the reason any & every trash rapper can’t get a Zay or Metro beat. But, those same trash rappers are over crowding their mentions asking how much for beat because of exactly that.

It’s about value. Value = $$$


Yessir bro, that’s the ticket.


That’s an excellent comparison. I’ve never had to worry about getting beats for albums since I make my own, but being an emcee as well, I definitely would agree with your statement, that if I lease a higher priced beat, there is less chance that dozens of other artists have used it. Who wants to drink from a cup that’s had everyone’s lips on it? I’d want a fresh glass, at least fairly. Like you said, it pretty much makes it exclusive, without the higher cost. I would rather use beats on my project that are unique to that specific album, not that are on tons of mixtapes.


I think higher priced leases are okay once you establish more of a name for yourself. I mean you obviously have to compete with the market so your going to have to really provide a lot of value… but with the right email campaign that isn’t unrealistic.


Lol so you have to have a “name” to charge 100 a beat. Since when is a 100 a lot of money?? Producers with names charge thousands of dollars. The problem is this oversaturated beat community made 15 dollars a norm. It’s really sad.


The problem here is the fact that you cats are trying to compete with each other and determine your pricing based off what everyone else is charging. I’m not competing against anyone but myself and I price my beats based on what I think they are worth. Do you think Lamborghini and Ferrari price their cars based off of what Toyota and Honda are selling their’s for? Of course not, so why should you be any different. Honestly, I like the fact that all the other producers on here charge $5 to $15 for their beats because when I have sales, people are able to see the value a lot more.


Actually, higher prices will benefit your brand.

Most of these rappers buying these “affordable” beats are the same ones recording with $10 usb mics from Radio Shack. Do you want trash associated with your brand?

Higher prices naturally weed people out and it makes people step their shit up to get it.

There’s an episode of South Park where Cartman buys an old amusement park then he runs ad campaigns on TV telling everyone that they will never be allowed to come. Over time people start lining up & begging to get in. He accidentally turned a defunct business into a cash cow.

There’s a reason people go bat shit crazy when they see an Aventador riding down the street. There’s a reason people give 0 fucks when a Camry is riding down the street.

Beats are no different…if you got that quality.