Raise Your Beats Prices Stop Being A B*tch


#facts If you build it, they will come. The word of the day is “Exclusivity”. It ain’t about where you can go to get a dope beat for cheap, it’s about knowing that if you like a beat on www.maseedproductions.com, you will come here to get it and you will pay what I ask.

I don’t sell beats everyday and I’m cool with that. In fact last part of June and into this month, I only sold 2 beats…EXCLUSIVELY. Now the money I made off that transaction would require a $20 a beat producer to sell about 25 beat leases to add up to that single transaction. Let’s say that I only leased 2 beats in a month…that same $20 a beat producer would have to lease out 5 beats for what I charge on a basic lease. The pricing is strategic…notice how the price of a standard lease and a premium lease is only a $5 difference? It’s an offer that can’t be refused…in fact I usually never lease MP3s, everyone goes for the WAV because it’s only $5 more. I market my music to people who actually recognize the value in that, I feel like if I have to explain it to you, or twist your arm to get you to buy beats from me, you’re not the client that I want to be on my beats, period. No offense but I’d rather have 1 serious artist who believes in investing in his/her craft than I would 20 hobbyist artists who find it hard to part with $20 bucks for a beat but would freely part with that same $20 without even thinking about it for a sack of weed.


I have a great answer to this one, If you sell it for $15,00 to a the and client that refer someone to your page, and that other clent does the same and etc, just put two in to together. Its not about a big investment, its about the time of the growth of the investment. And most deft congrats on the first sell.